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China MedConnect has supported dozens of clients over the past couple of years as an Investment Advisor. In this capacity, we are focused exclusively on cross border healthcare related transactions involving Chinese and US (and select European) companies. We specialize in M&A, private placements, and strategic partnering for small to medium size companies. Typical transactions range from $5M to $30M in size.

We are differentiated by our singular focus on cross-border healthcare transactions and our depth of industry relationships in both China and the US. We have strong relationships within the healthcare-focused financial communities as well as Strategics in both China and the US. Our preference is to facilitate transactions that add more than just capital. We focus on the importance of strong strategic near term and future alignment and value.

With a singular focus on the healthcare industry and a presence in both Beijing and California, CMC is a unique and powerful alternative to other options.


With a presence in both California and Bejing, we are a unique and powerful option for cross-border healthcare finances.

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China Med Connect supports Western medical device companies with their operations and interests in mainland China.

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