SpO2 sensors: finger, nasal alar


These catheters are flexible, thin tubes inserted into the heart or blood vessels to diagnose and treat various cardiovascular conditions. They are used in procedures such as angiography, angioplasty, and cardiac catheterization to measure pressure, administer medications, or clear blockages in the blood vessels.

  • Flexible Tubes: Inserted into heart or vessels.
  • Diagnostic Tool: Used for procedures like angiography.
  • Treatment Aid: Facilitates angioplasty and catheterization.
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauges cardiovascular pressure.
  • Medication Delivery: Administers drugs directly.


Cardiovascular and neurovascular guidewires are thin, flexible wires used to navigate through blood vessels during medical procedures. They provide a pathway for catheters and other devices to access the cardiovascular or neurovascular systems for diagnosis or treatment of conditions such as blockages or aneurysms.

  • Thin Wires: Flexible navigation tools.
  • Vessel Access: Guides catheters and devices.
  • Cardiovascular Use: For heart and vessel procedures.
  • Neurovascular Use: For brain and spinal vessels.
  • Treatment Aid: Assists in diagnosing and treating blockages and aneurysms.
Non-invasive cardiovascular testing

Micro Access Kits: sheaths, dilators, hubs, needles, stopcocks, extension tubing

Micro Access Kits are comprehensive medical kits used for minimally invasive procedures, containing various components such as sheaths, dilators, hubs, needles, stopcocks, and extension tubing. These kits facilitate precise vascular access and navigation, enhancing the efficiency and safety of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

  • Sheaths: Provide vascular access.
  • Dilators: Enlarge vessel entry points.
  • Hubs: Connect and secure components.
  • Needles: Initiate access to vessels.
  • Stopcocks: Control fluid flow.
  • Extension Tubing: Extend reach and flexibility.

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